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Would you like to have an Icon for your house or your apartment, for your bedroom, or for your prayer corner?

Are you looking for a special gift, may be a birthday, for Christmas, or for Baptism, first Communion or Confirmation, for a wedding or jubilee, for retirement or for other special events...?

Would you like to show a special sign of friendship or communion?

An Icon is a very good choice. It is not only a beautiful picture, but an absolutely true presence of a spiritual dimension. An Icon is a window which opens our eyes and our mind to the invisible.

An idol stops the view and imposes on the noticeable, whatever it may be: an object, woman, man, concept... The idol leads to blindness, whereas the Icon restores the sight and opens our mind. The picture of an Icon does not limit the contents while contemplating it, but opens a door or lifts up the veil for us, to a still hidden and mystical world, which will be ours one day.

Each Icon is a unique specimen created with much energy, effort and patience and very often done with tiny strokes of the painting brush. Usually I pray for the person who will be the owner of this gift or any other special personal intention.

Each Icon is painted according to the traditional technics (egg tempera painting). It is hand painted and gold-plated with real gold sheets. The Icon is a spiritual treasure and therefore very precious.

Anfertigung der Ikonenbretter Erste Pigmentschicht

Bernadette Pfaff
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Icon painting

To order an Icon...

Some are immediately available (check the gallery) and marked with a star.

Most of time, an Icon is ordered. In this case I can help you to support and inform you regarding selection of the picture/person/scene, the colour and the size according to your personal wishes.

The following ought to be discussed:

- Who will be the owner of the Icon or where is it going to be placed?

- Which picture do you prefer or which scene should be shown?

- Which impulses or keywords: Devotion, comfort, tenderness, Father, Holy Spirit?

- Do you require the Icon at a specific date? Which one?

- Which size do you prefer for the Icon?

- Do you have specific intention for prayers?

- Are there any other wishes?

Questions regarding the prices

The price depends on the size of the Icon, how many  people are to be shown, the difficulties regarding the details, the size of the space to be covered with gold sheets and the time needed for painting. (For an average size about 30 to 50 hours). An additional amount might be added when further drawings will be necessary.

Here some sizes of Icons to give you an approximated price idea for a Mother-of-God with Child, portrait in bust, hands, 2 persons, gilt only for haloes:

8 x 6 cm (work with magnifying glass): approx. 340 €

14 x 11 cm (work with magnifying glass): approx. 325 €

21 x 17 cm: approx. 360 €

26 x 21 cm: approx. 460 €

33 x 26 cm: approx. 650 €

40 x 32 cm: approx. 830 €

Option gilding the background + 30% of the price. The shipping costs are at your expense.

Whenever you wish another picture with more details, several persons, a scene from the Bible, the price will change. I can tell you the estimated price.                                                  

Time for painting

Usually for an Icon 3 to 4 months are needed, since 2 months are required for drying before it can be finished with lacquer. When an order is very urgently needed, I try to get it finished in time, but of course I need to respect the necessary time of drying.

If you have any further questions, or for any information, just contact me:

disponible de suite / immediately available italiano deutsch français english

The iconographer’s prayer

“O Divine Lord of all that exists

and me your servant,

enlighten and direct my soul,

my spirit and my heart.

Guide my hands,
so that I may worthily

and perfectly portray your icon,
that of your Holy Mother

and of all the saints,
for the glory, joy

and adornment of your Church.

O Lord bless my efforts

that my work serve

to lift up my soul in your presence

for the glory of your Holy Name.”